Book Review: On the Trail of the Nephilim, Volume One

On The Trail of

Title: On the Trail of the Nephilim, Volume One
Author: L.A. Marzulli


takes a giant to swing a giant axe,

On the trail of the Nephilim, fell between four stars and five. Becauseof an innovative approach I felt it deserved the five.He starts with Indian mounds and old newspaper accounts of giant bones.I was very impressed when he looks into giant sized weapons that are found in various museums. You would have to be at least the size of Andre the giant, of wrestling fame, to think about using some of these. He even is able to find some pictures of giant skulls that are purported to beat the Humboldt Museum but are not on display. He then shows examples of of skulls deformed by cradle head boarding. After seeing large numbers of the intentionally deformed skulls, you have to ask yourself .why would they do it? The author ends discussing the uniquely constructed stone structures near Cusco. All in all, I think the book give you things to think about. I would like to see him expand into full books, the chapters on giant weapons and unique ancient stone structures.
— The Crackpot (aka Kenneth Hoffman)

Rating:                     5-Stars