Book Review:The Uncensored Truth About UFOs (Annotated Edition)

Uncensored Truth

Title: The Uncensored Truth About UFOs (Annotated Edition)
Author: Edward Ruppelt, Chet Dembeck


Can we prove anything?

if you are a UFO believer and have read anything about the Air Force Project Blue Book, you would probably wonder why one should read about a study that says that they don’t exist. One should always keep an open mind and examine both sides of an argument. The author was the organizer and chief of the project. He explains many sightings and some of the problems they had. He tells one of a B-29 that was equipped as a photo ship. He says the photo captured a circular shaped blob of light, just as the crew described. There was no clarity because of the brightness of the object.   They couldn’t accurately even judge the size because the distance was unknown. This shows the difficulty in getting any “proof”of flying saucers. In this situation, he didn’t have to doubt the veracity of the witnesses. But due to the difficulty of capturing and focusing an unknown moving object on film ,you still don’t end up with “proof”. Ruppelt tells from the science point of view an experienced observer is no more credible in their eyes than anyone else. He points out a similar yet different study is that of the Lubbock lights. Here is something that reoccurs. He says scientists come from near and far ,and still not have been able to solve it. It remains an “unknown”. It’s good to read the book to remind oneself the difficulty of proving anything to the standards set by scientists.
— The Crackpot (aka Kenneth Hoffman)

Rating:                     3-Stars