Book Review: The Key: A True Encounter

The Key

Title: The Key: A True Encounter
Author: Whitley Strieber


the sound of one hand clapping

This book isn’t for everyone. If you dealt with anyone who has channeled entities in your presence or are interested in Zen koans, you may like this book. Let me try to explain. I have been with someone who channeled Michael the Archangel .You’d think this was nice and interesting, it really wasn’t. I could never get direct answers to my questions. Whitley Strieber’s book is about a meeting he had with a man who visit him. To him it was a life-changing conversation. He asked the man why he was there and the answer was :your chain to the ground. Some of the answers are less cryptic,some are more.  You may find some of the answers to life or you may feel you’ve just wasted your time.  Some people like poetry, some don’t.
— The Crackpot (aka Kenneth Hoffman)

Rating:                     3-Stars