Book Review: Alien Experiences – 25 Cases of Close Encounter

Alien Experiences

Title: Alien Experiences – 25 Cases of Close Encounter
Author: Nadine Lalich, Barbara Lamb


Things that go bump in the night.

I like this book, but you will only like this book if you believe in alien abductions or are trying to piece past life experiences with those of abductees. The authors do a good job of giving 25 accounts of alien contact. Specific descriptions of alien surroundings, procedures and alien types will help if you’re trying to jog your own memory. The large segment of differing abduction experiences really make you wonder how many different forms of life out there are observing us. Well-written, and possibly useful if you are a believer, if not a believer find something else to read.
— The Crackpot (aka Kenneth Hoffman)

Rating:                     4-Stars