Book Review: Phantoms & Monsters: Strange Encounters

Phantoms and Monsters

Title: Phantoms & Monsters: Strange Encounters
Author: Lon Strickler


If you seen things that are so strange that you won’t talk about them, then read the book

I like this book because it covered diverse encounters. My scientist friends will tell you it’s all due to miss identification’s, poor lighting ,a vivid imagination and psychological needs. I I don’t think that that’s always the case. I’ve known some good old boys, who if they like you and think they can trust you, sometimes tell you of encounters. Many of them have been raised in the woods and know normal wildlife. Trail cameras now produce some unusual pictures,There is another thing I’ve seen is that if you have a strange encounter and can accept it; more will happen after. Most of the time they are even stranger. Lon Strickler covers phantoms and apparitions, humanoids and other beings, unexplained phenomena and events, aliens and UFOs and monsters and cryptids .The book is based on correspondence sent to him. Read it if strange has become a relative term in your vocabulary.
— The Crackpot (aka Kenneth Hoffman)

Rating:                     4-Stars