Book Review: Bloodline of the Gods


Title: Bloodline of the Gods
Author: Nick Redfern


What color is alien blood?

This book is only okay because I believe it is a difficult subject to write about. Even the Bible talks about sky beings/Angels having sex with humans, producing offsprings. Bloodline of the gods explores this and the unusual Rh negative blood type. If you haven’t thought along the lines of bluebloods existing, you will find this book useful. Redfern does an acceptable job trying to give an overview.
— The Crackpot (aka Kenneth Hoffman)

Rating:                     3-Stars

Book Review: Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity

Walking Among Us

Title: Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity
Author: David M. Jacobs


earth,the true melting pot

David Jacobs admits that his book puts him at risk for being considered a true “crackpot”. I admire him and other people who believe that what they see as truth is more important than going along with everyone else. His research has led him to believe that aliens have created hybrids and are trying to meld them into society. I believe he is correct but his book reassures me more than upsets me. Let me clarify this a little bit. If a far superior race wanted to have a physical confrontation, I think they would win. If they had been involved with our creation, then they may take a different route trying to get us to evolve. An alien human hybrid would be an intelligent mid-ground. Having a hybrid trying to understand us and interact with us may not be too easy to do This makes this book interesting to read even if you don’t believe in the hybrid theory. The problems occur by differences in methods of learning. Difficulties for normal aliens immigrating to our country are even more so for one’s that were not raised on earth. Suspend your disbelief, and read this book.
— The Crackpot (aka Kenneth Hoffman)

Rating:                     4-Stars

Book Review: The Third Way: The Nazi International, European Union, and Corporate Fascism

The Third Way
Title: The Third Way: The Nazi International, European Union, and Corporate Fascism
Author: Joseph P. Farrell


Does winning the war defeat a nation’s views and ideology?

This book is not for everyone. You will like this book, if you wonder about history that you lived through and said something didn’t seem right. The North won the Civil War and yet we’re still today fighting over flying the Confederate flag. In the same light, the allies defeated the Nazis. This book examines some of the developments in Germany, Europe and other parts of the world that may have been impacted by Nazi ideology. The book ranges from the Madrid circular, nuclear proliferation, lost Nazi plunder to the Hadron collider. The third way is a book that suggests possibilities that developed from the “defeated”Nazi legacy. You Should read the book, see what you feel interests you and then try to read other books on the subject to verify the author’s proposed view..
— The Crackpot (aka Kenneth Hoffman)

Rating:                     3-Stars